The Old Mill - Rembrandt

The Old Mill – Rembrandt

Do We Stay Together?

This is some of what my clients say:

“My partner is having an affair! Everyone says that if I had any self-respect I would leave.”

“We have a comfortable life, two kids, a house and friends. In public we’re charming; in private we don’t communicate. I’m scared to break this up after so long.”

“We’ve been together for twenty years. Do I know my partner? Am I growing old with a stranger?”

Preventing Divorce:

Perhaps you are in a relationship that can change. Therapy can help you to take down the barriers.

Navigating Divorce:

If divorce is warranted, therapy can help you separate with the least possible damage. Money, children and jealousy are the issues that turn ending a marriage into the beginning of a war. Therapy can keep aggression from escalating.

Therapy may help to recover and protect the friendship that has been lost over the years.

Children and Divorce:

I’ve been told that without psychotherapy the children would have been used as pawns for revenge. Therapy helps you to create the least anxiety for them by preserving their floor, the trustworthiess and authority of parents as much as possible..

Frequent questions:

“At what point do I/we tell the children?”
“How to get my emotions in hand so that the living arrangements for the children are about their needs, not mine?”
“What about money?”

Recovering From Divorce:

Rembrandt described an isolated mill set alone against a stormy sky. You may feel like there is a hole in your heart. Or that you are drinking an endless cup of guilt, outrage and regret that can overwhem whatever relief you feel.

You now have that precious thing, freedom.
But who are you without the other? Who are you alone? What is next? As that is clarified you become ready to design a future that excites you. Therapy will help you to contact the part of you that knows what to do and what you want.

If you want another relationship, have you learned enough so that you don’t repeat all this all over again?
If you don’t want another relationship, therapy will help you to find the resources for your path.