Mid Life Tune-Up

Woman With A Balance - Johannes Vermeer

Woman With A Balance – Johannes Vermeer

The first part of life was exciting and filled with potential. The end game is obvious. How to live so that we do not look back with regret for missed chances on the often baffling period of mid-life?

What stress is unnecessary and can be dropped with proper attention? What stressors do we wish to choose as an expression of our need for engagement?

How to take right action when so many choices have already been made?

In order to compose a future that beckons, therapy can put attention on:

  • Intimacy: changing so that it works
  • Balancing duty to myself with duty to others
  • Vocation: finding and pursuing what is as yet unexpressed
  • Distractibility and attentiveness
  • Order and disorder
  • Ongoing positive regard even in the midst of self-doubt.