Ongoing Growth Groups

Circa 1250 B.C., the Egyptian hieroglyph shows the heart being weighed against the lightness of a feather. The Growth Groups seminars are a way to uncover your own profound light-heartedness in a chaotic world.

How the group works:

Each day or evening has a theme. Aspects of our common dilemmas are looked at using journal-writing on the theme, structured interactions, guided meditation, great literature, philosophy, art and music. The group becomes a temporary community in which we learn from life experiences different from our own.

Past themes:  

  • The relations between men and women
  • Duty to myself and duty to others
  • Vocation and longing
  • Distractibility and attention
  • Order and anxiety
  • Boredom and engagement
  • What is it to be a man? What is it to be a woman?
  • The right use of anger
  • Young thinking and old thinking
  • Focused attention and distractibility
  • Happiness and emptiness
  • Ethics
  • Loneliness and the right use of solitude

Examples of literature and philosophy used to help us:

Sartre on roles, Kierkergaard on truth and lying; King Lear, Sufi Stories, Death of a Salesman, Plato: The River Leithe, Symposium; Chogyam Trungpa and Milton Erickson, Somerset Maugham, Emily Dickinson, W.H Auden, The New Testament.

Come – bring your journal, your longings, and your unsettled questions…

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