Self-Care/Self-Compassion: aka Mothering Oneself Well

The Bath, Mary Cassat Mothering oneself well

The Bath, Mary Cassat
Mothering oneself well

Parenting oneself in the most simple of ways is usually the most difficult thing to do well.

Basic Physical Self-Care

  • Insisting on enough sleep and putting oneself to bed
  • Taking pleasure in the right amount of food for you
  • Making time for enough rest and exercise for your health.


Put attention on your finances, if that is needed, so that you know you are safe or know what you need to do to be safe.

Basic Mental Self-Care

Are you mean to yourself? Most people wouldn’t say to another what they habitually say to themselves.

Therapy can help you:

    • Notice and diminish pointless self-attack.
    • Distinguish useless guilt from real remorse; make necessary reparations and so let go of the past
    • Receive criticism from others in a useful way
    • Greet the many kinds of mistakes you make as learning tools
    • Increase objectivity: take your own measure independent of the opinion of others.
    • Elevate your idea of what is possible in your life. Find ways to pursue and implement that aim.

Remember the joy and curiosity you had when you were young? Why not now?