Sexual Difficulties

Psyche and Cupid - Canova Remember?

Psyche and Cupid – Canova

Sexual Conflicts:

Perhaps you haven’t had sex for years and you want to. How will you overcome the long-standing cold war?

Both have lost interest and blame the other or themselves:

-“He wants sex but doesn’t talk to me. I won’t do it without first being close.”
“She doesn’t want me in bed. I’m only a checkbook for her.”

Or one initiates and tires of that job. One waits for the other, feeling rejected.

“She wants it more than I do. I’m worried about work and tired.”
“He wants it more than I do. I’m busy with other things. I am still breastfeeding the baby. If I’m not a temptress at night he sulks.”

“He or she touches me in the wrong place at the the wrong moment.”

Differences in desire can make both partners insecure. Is she worried that he won’t be satisfied? Is he worried about the specter of sexual inadequacy?

Remember the harmony you had?